ATB Lifestyler’s Guide to America the Beautiful

A Guide to America the Beautiful

America the Beautiful is America’s foremost theme park dedicated to American heritage and the Spirit of ’76. Experience the wonder of the world’s greatest nation with our exciting attractions, including shows, parades, rides, and more. No matter what part of the USA you call home, you’ll find your favorite places represented in loving detail at America the Beautiful!

America the Beautiful Resort includes:

America the Beautiful Theme Park

Legacy of Heroes Theme Park

Shining Seas Water Park

Magnolia Lodge

Metropolitan Hotel

America the Beautiful Park Guide

Independence Plaza: Your gateway to the wonder of America the Beautiful. Experience a thriving 1910s town on Independence Street, or pause in Independence Plaza Square to hear the brass band play patriotic favorites! Shop and dine along the way with premium food and retail experiences. You’ll find Madame Debussy’s Music Shop, Betsy Ross’s Bake Shop, Lady Liberty Sweets and Treats, and so much more. Don’t miss the House of Wonders for an interactive trip through America the Beautiful’s past, including a stirring tribute to our founder, Lawrence Taylor, along with rousing songs by the Patriot Pals! You can also board the America the Beautiful steam train here.

Promise Mountain: The heart of our park, explore the grottoes beneath Promise Mountain for a sight of the elusive rainbows and visit with Lady Liberty herself. The Promise Mountain stage hosts our daily shows! At night, watch fireworks explode around her snowy peaks. Behind Promise Mountain, you’ll find Primrose Gardens, a charming place to relax for a while.

Old Dodge City: Travel back to the American West in Old Dodge City. Here, you can walk a boardwalk to visit Professor Cloud’s Curious Artifacts, stop in to Sam Sweet’s Candy Shop, eat a hearty meal at Cowboy Cal’s Good Grub, or board our side-wheeler for a trip around the Mighty Missouri. In the center of the river, you’ll find the wilds of Wilderness Isle. Looking for excitement? Head up the hill to Gold Rush Rapids for a rip-roaring ride through the mountains, with one splashtacular finale!

Patriot’s Place: The Revolution begins here! Explore the silversmith shop, the candlemaker’s workshop, and more in this rustic remembrance of the way things were at the very start of the American experiment. At The White House Gallery, experience a fascinating journey through our great nation’s history.

Smuggler’s Bayou: Way down past old New Orleans, there’s a deep and mysterious bayou where pirates ply the swamps and voodoo queens work their magic. Do you dare set sail on the Bayou Pirate Adventure? Don’t forget your doubloons!

The Forgotten Forests: Beyond the Rocky Mountains stand some of the world’s most spectacular forests. On Sequoia Expedition, you’ll board a Jeep for a journey into the forests—but look out for bears! Once you’re back in civilization, stop at Sequoia Suppliers for special souvenirs from the wilderness.

The Big Apple: Take a bite out of the Big Apple at Cousins Pizza, then zoom through Old New York on Gangster Getaway! Looking for something a little more relaxing? There’s always a paddle on the Central Park Boating Lake, where you’ll float through enchanting gardens.

Fairytale Courtyard: Mother Goose is waiting with all her friends! Bring the little ones and get ready for some charming meet-and-greet opportunities with favorite Patriot Pals characters in their finest fairytale costumes. Then, take a spin on the carousel!

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