Just what is America the Beautiful?

America the Beautiful Theme Park is the setting of a new novel by N.K. Reinert, You Must Be This Tall. 

This novel takes readers behind the scenes of the theme park industry, but it doesn’t stop with characters in costume or ride operators! You Must Be This Tall also digs into the complicated relationships between hardcore park fans, the park employees, and everyday visitors. 

I designed America the Beautiful to be unique but recognizable – if you’ve been to an American theme park like Disneyland or Dollywood, you’ll have a good idea of how this park is designed and what it’s all about.

The same goes for the employees and fans of the parks! Ever spend any time on social media perusing what park passholders or vacation planners have to say about theme park vacations? Looked at the recent debate about the hows and whys of “Disney Adults”? Or are you harboring a little theme park obsession of your own? 

If the answers to any of those questions are yes, you’re going to want to read You Must Be This Tall. This novel is coming soon in ebook and paperback. Ready to read right now?

You can start reading for free at Imaginary Memories, my Substack newsletter dedicated to theme park culture. Each month, I bring readers a new post about what makes a theme park special, about the experience of working in a park, or why theme park fandoms rise and fall.

And every week, I post a new chapter of You Must Be This Tall, for a unique serialized novel experience that goes right to your inbox! Visit Imaginary Memories to learn more and subscribe.


Ready to learn more about America the Beautiful Theme Park? Visit ATB Lifestyler’s Guide to get to know the park!

America the Beautiful is America’s foremost theme park dedicated to American heritage and the Spirit of ’76. Experience the wonder of the world’s greatest nation with our exciting attractions, including shows, parades, rides, and more. No matter what part of the USA you call home, you’ll find your favorite places represented in loving detail at America the Beautiful! Learn more.

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